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Communication Skills Training Course

In today’s competitive business world, whether you are working in a huge corporation, an SMB, or even in a home-based firm – you should possess superior communication skills in order to be successful. The ability to communicate effectively does have a profound positive impact on your professional life and even in your personal life as well.

The main objective of this Communication Skills training course from PD Training is to enhance your ability to impart information, engage and persuade during various situations. PD Training offers you practical, effective tools to enable clear and effective communication, regardless if it is a face-to-face interaction or an email exchange. Keep in mind, being able to connect with others is a crucial component of a lasting success.

This engaging and highly practical training course is available now throughout Philippines.

This Communication Skills training course can be delivered at your premises by one of our expert local or international trainers or live online using our HIVE technology.

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Learning Outcomes
Course Outline
  • Learning Outcomes - Communication Skills Training Course

    In this course participants will:

    • Gain insight into their personality type and communication preferences, using our proprietary profiling tool
    • Learn to recognize other people's personality types and communication preferences
    • Learn to adjust your own communication approach based on need and situation
    • Understand barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
    • Learn how to effectively utilize tone
    • Master the S.T.A.R. method for speaking on the spot
    • Learn to use body language appropriately
    • Learn to listen actively and effectively
    • Gain insight into asking open questions
    • Become a more effective communicator through the use and application of practical tools
    Duration: 1 day course


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  • Course Outline - Communication Skills Training Course

    Download Communication Skills Training Course Outline


    This communications training course helps people communicate appropriately and clearly in all situations. This is a great course for everyone as the benefits can have a positive effect on every aspect of life. Learn to understand how you communicate, how others communicate and how to adjust to meet their needs. Discover how effective communication is greatly improved by understanding communication preferences and overcoming communication barriers.

    This interpersonal communication course will ensure your colleagues receive your message clearly and improve your workplace relationships in general. If you have never completed a communications course of this type you are missing out on understanding fundamental concepts that will have a profound effect on your life and success in the workplace.

    Communication Skills Training Course - Lesson 1
    Communication is key to success
    • 5 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators
    • Reflection
    Communication Skills Training Course - Lesson 2
    LDP – Communication Evolution Tool
    • Adjusting your style for a better approach:
    • Communicating when stressed
    • Reflection
    Communication Skills Training Course - Lesson 3
    Bridge the Gap to Communication Barriers
    • The Communication Process
    • Types of Barriers
    • Self-Awareness – Johari Window
    • Reflection
    Communication Skills Training Course - Lesson 4
    Beyond Verbal Communication
    • Understanding the Mehrabian Study
    • All About Body Language
    • Para-Verbal Communication Skills
    • The Power of Pitch
    • The Truth about Tone
    • The Strength of Speed
    • Reflection
    Communication Skills Training Course - Lesson 5
    Active Listening
    • 8 Common Barriers to Effective Listening and how to overcome them
    • Quadrant of cognitive/explanatory styles
    • Understanding Active Listening
    • Sending Good Signals to Others
    • Ladder of Inference
    • Reflection
    Communication Skills Training Course - Lesson 6
    Asking Good Questions
    • Open Questions
    • Closed Questions
    • Probing Questions
    • Reflection
    Communication Skills Training Course - Lesson 7
    Speaking Like a STAR
    • S = Situation
    • T = Task
    • A = Action
    • R = Result
    • Using “I” Messages
    • Active Constructive Response - ACR
    • Reflection
    Communication Skills Training Course - Lesson 8
    • Create an Action Plan
    • Accountability = Action

  • In-House Training

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    In-House training benefits:

    • tailored to your team at no extra cost
    • cost effective - great group pricing
    • you choose the day, duration, place and time
    • flexible length - sessions as short as 1-hour
    • greatest impact in the shortest time
    • great team building opportunity
    • more convenient, people don't need to go off-site
    • World's leading reinforcement system

    Delivery Options for In-house training
    1-hour Motivator
    one hour motivator

    These 60-90 minute sessions are highly motivating and thought provoking

    3-hour Power Sessions
    3 hour power session

    3-hour power sessions are targeted and flexible around your operational needs.

    Full-day training
    full day training

    Full day courses delivered with a strong focus on activities and participation.No death by PowerPoint here!


    We can run workshops or provide keynote speakers. Let us provide the highlight of your conference.

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  • Communication Skills Training Course Reviews:

    Course content and facilitator very professional and relevant to our needs. Delivery was flexible to suit current business requirements.
    John Allison/Monkhouse Funeral Directors
    It was all very informative and very relevant to our line of work.
    Endeavour Foundation
    The most useful part of the course was the appeal to my staff members who are aged between 17-55. I really appreciated that Troy the trainer adapted the course to suit our needs. We will definitely look at booking future courses with PD training:)
    Bindarra Daycare
    Jill related to the group extremely well and delivered an interesting course content.
    A.H. Beard
    It was evident that the trainer had a lot of experience on the subject, was attentive and responded to questions in a clear and unbiased manner. If that is an indication of the other trainers than we will be in touch.
    ASP Ship Management
    Very happy with the training especially our Trainer Jack. Its great to have flexibility and understanding to the training schedules where we had an in-house Saturday training to suit our business needs. He made the training fun and productive. Will definitely recommend for others to use.
    Mariana Shipping
    Will recommend for any supervisor or team leader with in DHL.
    DHL Supply Chain
    Book was good to keep for reference about communicating with different personalities. Thanks :) Hey communication is a two way street... this is a course our entire workforce will be doing.
    Borehole Wireline
    It was very beneficial to find out the different personality types with in our team. Ann was a fantastic trainer and made the 3hrs very enjoyable.
    Your World Aged Care Services Australia Pty Ltd
    It was a knowledgeable session. I am glad I attended, as I found out about my personality style and that of others.
    A very worthwhile and well structured study day which was tailored to our current challenges and needs we wish to address as a team and on a personal level.
    One of the best training sessions I have attended.
    Contract Resources
    We have another class today, but this was the best training course I have ever attended.
    Offshore Marine Services
    Alex is a top trainer.
    Offshore Marine Services
    I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will take away a lot of useful ideas. Alexandra certainly knows her subject.
    The day was fully informative and material delivered in an excellent way.
    The course was great, one of the areas I would like to improve on in my role. So I found it very informative - Thank you.
    Julie was great. She was very keen to discuss our issues, but was very solutions driven and as a result we walked away with practical ways and new procedures to tackle any issues we have. This was terrific!
    Iceworks Design Pty Ltd
    Great trainer, very in tune with the group we have here.
    Iceworks Design Pty Ltd
    Learnt a lot! And had a really good time.
    Nak Hair
    Anne was very good. She was very quick to respond and was very relevant! she answered every question and the discussion was thorough but not boring. She is very smart and very good at her job.
    Fertility First
    Thanks to Anne I now think about how I communicate. Thanks Anne.
    Fertility First
    Brilliant Trainer.
    Fertility First
    It was informative... I think that the techniques definitely helped and you can out them into practise.
    A.H. Beard
    The interaction required with all of us attending the course was fun and brought out our thoughts on things that were relevant to us in the course. It was a great day Thank you!
    Corbett Homes
    Fantastic... Trainer was just amazing! Learnt a lot and am still aiming higher :) A big thank you!
    Corbett Homes
    Gail was amazing! Thank you for such a great training day.
    Corbett Homes
    Trainer was great. She was very knowledgeable and related all the material to our particular needs.
    H Tran Partners
    For me the course was valuable in learning more about how I communicate with others and providing me with the skills to be more assertive and express my view points to others. The day was fantastic, as it was focused on everyone’s own ideas of where they required support and extra resources to use. Our trainer was brilliant, she was a true professional when it came to listening to everyone and their own ideas of where they needed support, even the not so forthcoming ones. I really enjoyed the day, and took home some very valuable tools that I can use with colleagues, committee members and parents who access our service. I feel with time I can strengthen and develop my own assertiveness and skills for saying no and not feeling guilty later on for doing so.
    Eureka Community Kindergarten Association
    I particularly found the personality types useful.
    Eureka Community Kindergarten Association
    I thought the training was very beneficial and really enjoyed myself.
    Hyder Consulting
    Really good and engaging session.
    Hyder Consulting
    Scott was very enthusiastic. He is a great presenter and educator. Class was more enjoyable than expected.
    Hyder Consulting
    Excellent materials, superb delivery and great learning.
    Hyder Consulting
    Found that the trainer was very good and perceptive with the group. Thanks very much for a great and insightful day.
    I thought this was an excellent exercise and I will definitely be recommending it to other workplaces.
    Best Training ever delivered in my current workplace.
    Useful in the fact that everyone from the same work area did the course so they can now relate with each other regarding the course contents. These types of courses done previously were done on an individual basis with people from other work areas within the department.
    One of the better training sessions we have had here, Well done.
    The information was real and relevant. It was delivered in a logical manner. I was able to keep up and understand all the content. And found myself wanting to learn more and look into further education.
    Sanity Entertainment
    The course was better than I thought it would be. It was great that the number of attendees was small.
    Royal Academy of Dance
    Very good training. I gained a lot from the trainer as well as the training itself thank you.
    Queensland Rail
    I found the whole day very interesting. I was jut great to be able to communicate with the educator to be able to feel free and comfortable to ask questions and for the educator to take the time to work with us. I would fully recommend this course to my work facility.
    Scalabrini Village Limited
    Fantastic, Anne was amazing and worked really well with the group. She was even willing to stay back after the session had finished to discuss specific questions and situations.
    Scott's delivery was clear, personalised and to the point. this made the content easy listening and just as easy to absorb. Great job Scott!!
    Capricorn Society
    Great course. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of the course.
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    The contents of the course were relevant for me as I could use what I have learnt to apply it in my daily work.
    Ward Group of Companies
    I found the course to be very interesting and helpful. I liked the small group size and have learned a lot. I have already recommended the course to my colleagues and cannot speak highly enough of Anne. Many thanks!
    Chimu Adventures
    Great group of people. Emma was very patient with what, at times, became a counselling session for people to unload their angst from their work environment. food was great too! Venue and parking facilities where great, the voucher system for lunch worked well.
    Public Class Participants
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Beyond the classroom, the orgmenta app from PD Training augments our instructor led courses by engaging learners before, during and after training.

The Learning impact is increased by providing a personalised and contextualised learning experience, followed by ongoing collaboration and reinforcement on demand.

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