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Business Communication Courses

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

Learn to Communicate Effectively Across All Levels of Business

Professional Development Training has a specialized division of Business Communication experts that will tailor the delivery of any of the courses to be specific to your situation and learning needs. Our extensive curriculum in Business Communication, outstanding depth of trainers across the country and diverse range of industry experience means that PD Training is the best choice for Business Communication courses. PD Training will exceed your expectations and help you achieve the results you are seeking.

In-House Training
Public Courses
In-House Training
In-House Training Benefits:
  • Tailored to your needs and goals
  • Cost-effective - from $140 per person (full-day)
  • You choose the day, place and time
  • Greatest impact in the shortest time
  • Great team building opportunity
  • Convenient - Employees do not need to go off-site
Tailored Delivery – Standard

We will always tailor the delivery of your In-House Training course to ensure it is relevant to your team and targeted at your learning goals. We can incorporate your company's examples and terminology to ensure that the training can be directly related back to your workplace. This is standard and included in the price.

  • The "1-hour Motivator" Training Sessions
    These 60-90 minute sessions are highly motivating and thought-provoking - ideal for those people who need to fit training in around a busy work schedule - great as an early morning kick-start or lunchtime boost!
  • The "3-hour Power" Sessions
    3-hour power sessions are a great solution when you have very specific outcomes you are targeting, or if scheduling the team to be off the job for a whole day is proving to be a challenge!
  • Full-day Short Courses
    1-day and 2-day short courses are delivered with a unique focus on 80% activities 20% content - just the way learning should be!
  • Conferences and Workshops
    Do you want your conference to be memorable, fun, interactive and be a real highlight? PD Training's dynamic trainers can add that flair, excitement and much more!
Expert Trainers

While you are training with us, you receive experiential training from an expert in their field which ensures you can apply what you have learned directly back to your workplace. When you are training with us, you are there to learn from the trainer, not the manual!"

Public Courses
Training Style:

Your course will be activity-based learning. You receive some background theory, and then spend most of the time working together and with the trainer to apply the concepts to workplace situations that are applicable to your specific situation.

Class Size:

Classes are an average of 6 people, max of 12. We keep classes small to ensure the trainer can work with each participant to tailor each activity to be relevant to each person’s workplace/common scenarios.


Training Calendar

Scheduling & Times:

Classes run from 9:00am - 4:30pm each day
Quality Lunch (tell us your dietary requirements)
Comprehensive up-to-date courseware

Practical & Real - Activities tailored to you...

Training is much more effective and enjoyable if you can apply the concepts you learn directly to your own circumstances. So the trainer will change textbook activities to be relevant to you.

For example: If the example activity is based in a retail setting, but you work in a customer service call-center, we will adapt activities to reflect the culture of a call-center environment, so your team will be learning relational tools and techniques that really make sense to their world. Helping you learn today, and apply tomorrow!

Fun & Relaxed - Laugh while you learn...

Our relaxed and practical approach with experienced trainers that like to 'have a laugh' will ensure you enjoy the experience of learning as much as you enjoy acquiring new skills that help you perform better.

Yes, lunch is free - and we all like a free lunch. However, the highlight of your course will be the learning experience - not the break!

Customized, Interactive
and Practical

Each course involves about 20 activities each day to assist practical skill development and understanding of concepts. Training is customized according to the requirements of the participants for maximum benefit.

Making Training Accessible

Considering your needs, PD Training has made Business Communication available at your place, online and at various locations across Philippines. The courses are designed to be of short-duration, lively, informal and highly valuable.

Reinforcement Package

  • Training Booster Reinforcement System
  • Free Re-sit
  • eHelpDesk Support
  • Bonus Supplementary eLearning
  • Quick Reference Job Aid
  • Hours of Business Video content

  PD Training Quality Process:

What will PD Training do to ensure your training exceeds your expectations?

Hover over each piece to see more detail about our quality process.

We listen

You explain your training needs to your consultant over the phone

Expert Trainer that fits your culture calls you

Once you have chosen a date for your course, the PD Training operations team will specifically select a trainer with the right background and style to really connect with your team. Your trainer will call you personally to develop a personal and clear picture of your needs. They use that information to tailor the course to your team.

Admin Streamlined

By entering your participants into the cloud we generate your sign-in sheet, post-course evaluations, certificates of completion, attendance records, & quality reporting.

We deliver tailored
hands-on training

Your participants receive contextualized, engaging training full of practical tools they can apply immediately back on the job.

360 degree review

We review training feedback from you, the trainer and the participants to ensure learning goals were achieved.

You see improvement in the workplace

You can expect to see positive changes right away... you call your training consultant back for your next training need.

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